Signal Werks Technologies

Standard Terms and Payment Policy


Updated December 3, 2023

This is the standard agreement between the Customer (approver/owner of project) and Signal Werks (the Company) for all services, contracts, and installations.  These terms may be updated occasionally to reflect legal requirements, Company policies, and industry standards.  All services and contract renewals are subject to the most current terms in effect on the date of approval of the contract or renewal.


Copies of product warranty, owner’s manuals, prior invoices, or prior contracts can be easily obtained by phone or email   Tech support is available 24 hours per day at 847-461-3311.



Late Payments

Overdue payments may accrue a late payment fee of 5.00% per month, if not paid in full by the invoice due date.  Returned checks for non sufficient funds will include a recovery fee up to the maximum permitted by state law (currently $25 IL, $25 IN, $25 WI).  Any prepaid amounts made by the Customer will be applied to overdue invoices first.


Any overdue invoices may be referred to outside legal counsel and 3rd party debt collection.  A mechanic’s lien may be placed against the property and pursued in a court of law.  The Customer agrees to reimburse the Company within 14 days for all legal fees, labor expenses, attorneys’ fees, collection costs, and judgments the Company encounters attempting to enforce this agreement due to Customer default.


Equipment or services may be disconnected, repossessed, or deactivated by the Company if the account remains in default.  This may cause electronic warning systems to no longer perform their intended function, or building utility systems to fail.  Monitored alarm systems would be deactivated if an account is in default.  While the system may still locally appear functional, it may lose the ability to contact emergency services or notify required personnel.  Should the system be deactivated, the Customer agrees that the Customer is solely and exclusively responsible for all injuries, losses of life, property damages, and legal fees that resulted from events that may have been detected or prevented by a fully functioning system.


Product Returns

Any undamaged stock item that still has its original packaging can be returned for a full refund within 30 days (examples include remote controls, spare panels, etc).  We are happy to assist with any product returns, and most questions can be answered with a simple phone call.  Some manufacturers may refuse or charge a restocking fee for certain custom items.  Any returns for refund would be less any costs incurred by the Company for accepting the return including: shipping paid by the Company, credit card or 3rd party payment processing fees, manufacturer restock fees, or similar.  Services and labor costs are not refundable.


If you are unhappy with a product for any reason- please call or email as soon as possible.  Most equipment can be easily swapped or replaced with different features- we want you to be happy with your new system.


Standard Warranty

All products and services sold and installed by the Company carry a standard one-year warranty on all systems, all parts, and all labor.  Some components may offer a longer warranty- it will be noted on the sales quote if applicable.  Should the manufacturer discontinue a required component, or it becomes unavailable, a similar component from other sources may be substituted.


Warranty Exclusions

All warranties assume service calls during normal business hours.  A standard service call will be scheduled at the first available time, Mon-Fri, during business hours.  If immediate emergency service, after hours service, or weekends are specifically requested by the Customer- the service call may be invoiced at current Emergency Rates.  All rates will be explained in detail during scheduling to ensure complete transparency.


The lifetime of batteries, light bulbs, air/oil filters, and other expendable items depends upon usage, recharging frequency, and environment.  Expendable items are warranted 6 months from installation unless stated otherwise in the initial quote.


No warranty- shall cover any the following:

·        Abuse or damage by the Customer or others outside of the Company’s control.

·        Any wiring and equipment that was not installed by the Company.

·        Lightning strikes, power surges, or other electric utility or storm related events.

·        Water/liquid damage to electronics not intended for outdoor/wet areas.

·        Components or alterations by others.


Appointment Reschedule and Cancellation

Emergencies happen- we understand.  If an appointment must be rescheduled we would appreciate a phone call or text message at least 24 hours in advance.  Multiple "last minute" reschedules or cancellations may require a deposit to schedule future appointments, with a cancellation fee of $115 per appointment.


All projects that include rental and/or delivery of heavy equipment (scissor lifts, boom lifts, end loaders, trenchers, backhoes, etc) require a minimum of two business days to cancel or reschedule the project.  Providing less than 2 business days’ notice will result in charges to the Customer for all 3rd party rental/delivery costs that are charged to the Company, plus $115 cancellation fee.



We are happy to communicate with you by phone, email, SMS text message, US Postal Service, or any other common means that you prefer.  By providing the Company with your phone number or email address, you are authorizing and accepting us to communicate with you by that means.


In accordance with US federal law, the owner(s) and all authorized users of any mobile device accept responsibility for any data/messaging charges incurred by using that device, and are providing consent to the Company to contact you via SMS/MMS text messaging or phone calls to that device.  Please let us know immediately if you have updated contact preferences.


Customer Referrals and Prizes

Any referral offers apply to new projects and/or new customers, per the stated offer terms.  The individual providing the referral would receive the stated payment, product, or service after project completion and closeout.  All offers of U.S. currency for the referral would be paid by check, issued within 14 days of project close out.  There is no limit- multiple referrals are still eligible.  IRS rules may require tax reporting for prizes exceeding $600.


Customer Passwords

The Customer can change equipment passwords and codes as they see fit.  We can assist in most cases through email or phone call, at no charge.  Safe keeping of customer logins and passwords are the Customer’s responsibility.


Automatic Software Patches, Remote Dealer Access

Many online systems are designed for automatic updates from the manufacturer, typically allowing updated security patches and minor bug fixes.  If the Customer wishes to disable all remote dealer/factory support (and the equipment allows for this), the request must be made in writing.  If dealer support is disabled, a simple lost password recovery may require physical removal of the equipment and shipping for a factory recovery.


Mobile apps, operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android, etc), and web portals are designed and owned by the manufacturers.  Updates or feature changes may occur at any time, and it is expected that the Customer will perform all current updates as they are released.  It is agreed that the Company has no control over the release of manufacturer software updates or changes.


Some systems provide remote dealer access to allow programming changes and adjustments.  The extent of remote access capabilities may vary depending upon the system and manufacturer.  If a programming change is required or requested, this service may be provided remotely by the Company from offsite.  The Customer acknowledges this remote programming is acceptable and encouraged to reduce any related service call costs.


Viruses & Hackers

It is agreed that any devices that connect to networks, the internet, phone service, or mobile devices can carry a small risk of nefarious 3rd parties attacking, circumventing, hacking, or interrupting service.  Both the Customer and the Company agree that neither party can be responsible for the actions of 3rd party computer hackers or viruses.


Utility Providers

It is agreed that the Customer will provide any required electric, telephone, internet service, cellular service, or any similar utilities required for the system to function as intended.  Should those utilities fail; the Customer will contact their utility provider for repair.


Site Ownership

The Customer represents that they are either the owner, or are fully authorized to make any changes to the property.  After the equipment is installed and operational, the Customer agrees to ensure the equipment is routinely used and tested, and will contact the Company if they need assistance.  The Customer agrees to provide reasonable physical access to all systems that are monitored by the Company for service purposes.  The Company reserves the right to take photos of their work for marketing and quality control purposes, without any form of compensation or accreditation, but only to the extent that photographs will not contain the location of the property, proprietary business methods, Customer employees, Customer family, or any other features that the average individual would consider private, confidential, or a security risk.  All photographs remain the property of Signal Werks Technologies.


Property Insurance

The Company is fully insured for our workers, equipment, and services.  The Customer understands and agrees property insurance coverage shall be obtained by the Customer.  Any monetary amounts charged by the Company are solely based upon system installation cost and electronic services.  A resulting Customer loss due to failure of a component, system, or service shall result in repair or replacement of that system, up to the initial contract installation cost, at the Company’s sole decision.  This is not as a penalty, and this shall be the exclusive limit of tort and liability.  An electronic warning system is not an insurance policy.


Electronic Payment Services

We offer a range of electronic payment services including all major credit cards, Venmo, and Square.  If the Customer chooses to provide payment through the available online payment options- they agree to comply with all terms of the bank, credit card provider, or 3rd party payment service provider.  Some payment service providers may allow the customer to forcefully "chargeback" the merchant.  The Company and the Customer agree that mutual communication is the best option to process a return.  Any forced chargebacks by a payment service provider that are initiated by the Customer without written authorization from the Company will result in an additional service fee of 30% of the back charged balance, added monthly (every 30 days), beginning the day of the chargeback event.  For example, an unauthorized chargeback of $100 invoices a total of $130 (130%), due immediately, and may place the account in default.  These terms are not affected or altered by any payment processor contracts or conditions.


Municipal/City Fees

Some municipalities may issue fines for false alarms, dispatches, or “runaway” signals from a system.  The Customer agrees to pay all municipality fees, if applicable, including reimbursing any charges to the Company and Monitoring Station, related to the Customer’s system.  If a building permit is requested, the project proposal does not include any permit or inspection fees charged by the municipality.


Project Delays

If a project is paused or delayed by the project owner or other contractors for more than 30 days, the Company reserves the right to invoice for any work already completed, and any equipment already purchased for the project.  The Company reserves the right to stop work on existing projects in the event of non-payment on open invoices.


Dispute Resolution

The Customer and the Company agree that all legal proceedings shall proceed and be governed in Lake County in the State of Illinois.  Neither the Customer nor the Company waive any rights by not enforcing any terms of this agreement in a particular situation.



The Customer can transfer or cancel monitoring of a system at any time.

1. If cancelled within the first 30 days, and all other invoices are paid in full, all remaining monitoring costs will be refunded minus the first 30-day period and any equipment activation costs.

2. After 30 days, all other invoices are paid in full, and a new purchaser of the property agrees to activate the alarm in their name and continue monitoring through the Company- then any prepaid time remaining on the original monitoring agreement would be refunded to the Customer in full.

3. After 30 days, all other invoices are paid in full, and the Customer simply wishes to cancel- 50% of any remaining prepaid time would be refunded.

4. All midterm cancellation or transfer requests must be made in writing, and may require a technician to program equipment on site before final cancellation can occur.  All refunds will be issued by Company check within 30 days of cancellation.



We choose not to automatically charge or renew any monitoring or service contracts.  An invoice will be forwarded to the Customer approx 45 days before the annual expiration (or every 30 days for month-to-month monitoring and service contracts).  We give every customer the opportunity to decide without automatic renewal.

These terms supersede and override any other agreements, terms, and contracts.