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Privacy Policy

Updated June 1, 2023

This Privacy Policy applies to all accounts, contracts, and renewals effective June 1, 2023.  This policy may be updated occasionally to reflect industry standards and Company revisions.


Signal Werks Technologies is committed to customer privacy and security. We do not sell or give any customer contact information to any commercial or private entities, except for the following reasons:

1.             For payment processing, to provide payment services for your chosen payment method. We do not control policies regarding individual bank and payment processor accounts.  Example: If you choose to provide payment through Paypal, a certain amount of personally identifiable information will be transmitted through Paypal’s network.

2.            In the process of providing our day-to-day business and services to you, including but not limited to the use of our sub-contractors, business partners, service providers, etc.

3.            To provide remote services for electronic equipment that you purchased. This may include 3rd party cellular devices, website portals, or similar access. Your contact information is only forwarded to the minimum extent that is required for providing these services.

4.            To comply with applicable local, state, or federal law.

5.             In the event of an unpaid balance that is overdue, for the purposes of debt collection.


All customer data is stored on secure servers, requiring full industry standard encryption, and 2-factor authentication ("2FA"). Any employee access is by a "need to know" basis only, and is automatically logged to ensure security. No confidential bank or credit card information is ever stored by us in any way.


Any existing contact information provided to us by you may be used for contact purposes or scheduling regarding products or services that you may have ordered or requested. Methods may include email, cell or landline phone calls, fax, text messages, US Postal Service, or similar methods. Depending upon your service provider, one or more of these services may involve data or access fees by 3rd parties. These contact purposes may include, but are not limited to:


1.             Scheduling your project.

2.             Questions or clarification regarding items in your contract.

3.             Payment requests or questions.

4.             Newsletters.

5.             Product updates.

6.             Similar business related reasons.


You agree to use our site and any technology we install on your premises as it was intended for a typical end user, and not to reverse engineer or decompile code for any reason. Any privacy policies we receive from the equipment manufacturers are passed directly to you as the end user, and you are obligated to follow per applicable law in your jurisdiction.


Many modern products offer mobile apps (typically provided through manufacturer websites, Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store)- we do not design the apps, their associated manufacturer privacy policies, or future development of the manufacturers online services. You understand and accept that we have no control over 3rd party software developers or their policies.


We utilize industry standard security precautions to protect our online presence, but you understand that the use of the internet and website access is always at the end user's risk. Our web hosting provider or associated search engines may create cookies, but they are not sponsored or created by us. To help ensure customer privacy, we do not intentionally utilize cookies or similar tracking information within our website for any reason.

Any questions regarding this Privacy Policy may be directed to