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Ask how Artificial Intelligence camera systems can help secure your home and business!

Advanced Security and Surveillance Networks

Commercial Audio Installations

Industrial Machinery Circuit Repairs and Replacement

Installations throughout SE Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

Security Penetration Testing

Listed US Defense Contractor

Office and 24 hr technical support 847.461.3311

Change phone numbers, call lists, billing, sales, technical support

24 hour Alarm Monitoring Center 800.932.3822

Cancel false alarms.  A valid passcode will be required.

Physical security penetration testing is now available.  Our professionals actually test the difficulty of penetrating your business alarms and locking systems- the only method of proving the security of your facility!

Trademark  Information

We are a registered US defense contractor, with experience in military, police, federal, educational, and municipal projects and installations.  Our technicians have developed custom containment systems for weapons armories, chemical manufacturing, and evidence storage locations.

Our management has over 30 years experience in the industry.  Signal Werks employees are fingerprinted and pass stringent background checks, including obtaining an Illinois Permanent Employee Registration Card (PERC).

As our company grows, our partnership with our customers remains strong.  We're not happy until the project is done right.